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Things I love About Lechon


Cebu Lechon  14.99/lb

(Authentic Cebu Lechon - boneless roasted pork belly)

Sizzling Lechon Sisig 11.99

(Seasoned, minced roasted pork belly)

Lechon Sisig Fries   9.99

(French fries topped with minced roasted pork belly with special sauce; Our very own unique version of the famous ''poutine'')   

Grilled Cebu Lechon  14.99

(Grilled boneless roasted pork belly topped with tomatoes, onions and lemon)

Sizzling Pakbetchon  12.99

(Mixed vegetables with roasted pork belly, steamed in shrimp paste)


Lechon Bicol Express   12.99

(Roasted Pork stew made with chilies, coconut milk, shrimp paste, onion, garlic and roasted pork belly)

Sinigang na Lechon  14.99

(Sour soup made with tamarind-flavoured broth, mixed vegetable and boneless roasted pork belly)

Sizzling Lechon Paksiw   12.99

(Roasted pork cooked in special sauce with vinegar, garlic and select spices)


Lechon Manok   8.00/Half 16.00/Whole

(Must be pre-ordered at least a day before; Chicken stuffed with lemon grass and different spices, marinated and roasted to perfection until golden brown)


Lechon Fried Rice   14.99

(Rice stir-fried in a wok, mixed with a variety of vegetables, and roasted pork belly)


Roasted Pork Bun (Lechon in a bun)   8.99

(Roasted pork belly in burger bun with tomatoes, lettuce and topped with special sauce)

Lechon Salad   8.99

(Garden salad with shredded roasted pork belly and salad dressing)


Deep Fried Lechon  14.99

(Deep fried roasted pork belly topped with tomatoes, onion and lemon; sauce on the side)


Lechon con Bao  (In Original, Soft Bao)    8.99

(Roasted pork belly with tomatoes and lettuce in a soft steamed bao topped with special sauce)

Lechon con Bao (Golden Crisp Bao)    8.99

(Slightly Crisp, Golden Brown Bao)



Bihon con Lechon   12.99

(Thin translucent noodles mixed with roasted pork belly and vegetables)

Pork Ceviche/Kilawin na Lechon   12.99

(Roasted pork belly marinated in vinegar mixed with tomatoes, onions, lemon, green mango and spices)

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