B's Appetizers


Calamares   12.99

Battered, deep fried squid 

Ceasar Salad  with BBQ Chicken  12.99

Pork Ceviche / Kilawin Na Lechon    12.99

Roasted pork marinated in vinegar, coconut milk with tomatoes, onions, lemon, green mango and spices.

Steamed Bun   3.00

"Siopao" in Chicken or Pork.

Pork Spring Roll   (8pcs) 7.99 

Minced pork mixed with vegetables in a thin pastry wrap and deep fried

Vegetable Spring Rolls   (3pcs)  6.00 

Deep fried mixed vegetables in thin pastry wrap; 

Lechon Sisig Fries   9.99 

French fries topped with minced roasted pork in special sauce; Our very own unique-rockin' version of the famous ''poutine''; A must-try!

Chicken Wings   11.99

Deep fried, crispy, buttered chicken wings 

Salted Egg Salad   5.99

Brinned duck egg served in vinegar and lemon juice with tomatoes, onion, cucumber, lemon and a hint of green mango; salty and savory  

Ceasar Salad   8.99

Green salad made of crispy romaine lettuce with light Caesar dressing, topped with Parmesan cheese and lemon

Green Mango Salad   7.99 

Sliced green mango with shrimp paste, diced tomatoes and onions, topped with lemon.

Pork Rinds   7.99/bag

Deep-fried crispy pork skin; sold per bag

Pork Rinds with meat   10.99/bag

Deep Fried crispy pork skin with meat : sold per bag 

BBQ Pork Skewers  3.00/pc

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