B's Authentic Cebu Lechon


B’s Whole Lechon Prices 

(Whole Roasted Pig)

Authentic Cebu Lechon

Cebu Lechon-"the best pig ever!"

  • Anthony Bourdain on Cebu Lechon

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Small (20-25 lbs)   265.00 (suckling pig)

Large (45-50 lbs)   305.00


B’s Rolled Boneless Cebu Lechon Belly

or “Rolled Cebuchon”

(Boneless Rolled Roasted Pork Belly)

Boneless Roasted Pork Belly   

170.00/whole rolled belly

100.00/half rolled belly

Lechon in a Box     60.00

Authentic Cebu Lechon In A Box   

Boneless Roasted Pork Belly;

Golden Brown Crispy skin, succulent meat

Great as a gift for any occasion.


*Applicable taxes and gratuities apply

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