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B's Rice and Drinks


Plain Rice   7.99/platter  2.50/cup


Garlic Fried Rice   9.99/platter  3.50/cup


Chorizo Fried Rice   14.99/platter

Chicken Fried Rice   14.99/platter


Lechon Fried Rice   16.99/platter

Roasted pork belly in fried rice with mixed vegetables

Java Rice   14.99/platter  

Colourful and flavourful fried rice cooked in garlic, onions, butter, annatto seeds and nicely seasoned; best paired with BBQ's, anything grilled really and more 😊 

Bagoong Fried Rice   19.99/platter

Fried rice cooked in garlic, onions and shrimp paste topped with crispy

fried pork, scrambled eggs and green mangoes. 

Coffee    3.99

Tea      4.50

Softdrinks/Pop   2.50

Iced Tea      3.50

Calamansi Juice (lime juice)  6.99

Bottled Water     2.50

Sparkling/Soda Water     3.99

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