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B's Rice


Jasmine Rice   7.99/platter  2.50/cup

Savor the simplicity of perfection with our Jasmine Rice

Garlic Fried Rice   10.99/platter  3.50/cup

Immerse yourself in the aromatic allure of perfectly cooked rice infused with the rich flavors of sautéed garlic. Each grain is expertly seasoned and stir-fried to golden perfection, creating a satisfying symphony of textures and tastes.


Chorizo Fried Rice   14.99/platter

Delight yourself in a symphony of tastes as succulent chorizo pieces are expertly stir-fried with fragrant rice, creating a harmonious blend of smokiness, richness, and a hint of spice.


Chicken Fried Rice   14.99/platter

Tender, shredded chicken pieces stir-fried to perfection with fragrant jasmine rice complemented by a medley of mixed vegetables.

Lechon Fried Rice   16.99/platter

A flavorful symphony that combines the crispy, succulent goodness of Cebu Lechon (roasted pork) with expertly stir-jasmin fried rice. Delight in the rich, savory notes as each grain absorbs the essence of the perfectly seasoned Lechon.

Java Rice   14.99/platter  

A fragrant blend of colorful and flavorful fried cooked in garlic, onions, butter, annatto seeds and nicely seasoned,  creating a harmonious balance of savory and slightly sweet notes.

Bagoong Fried Rice   19.99/platter

A culinary masterpiece that introduces the bold and savory essence of Filipino shrimp paste, known as bagoong, to perfectly stir-fried rice topped with braised pork slices, scrambled eggs and green mangoes. It's the ultimate fried rice. 





Coffee    3.99

Tea      4.50

Softdrinks/Pop   2.50

Iced Tea      3.50

Calamansi Juice (lime juice)  6.99

Mango Juice   4.99

Bottled Water     2.50

Sparkling/Soda Water     3.99

Fresh Buko Juice   10.99 (seasonal)

B's Drinks

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