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B's Special Dessert


Leche Flan   6.99

Rich steamed custard with crème caramel flan


Buko Pandan   8.99

Cold desert made of Pandan-flavoured jelly cubes, young coconut in a thick sweetened cream


Halo-Halo Special   11.99

Halo-Halo means “mix-mix”; A mixture of sweetened corn, beans and jelly, sugar palm fruit, coconut gel, jack fruit, purple yam and sweetened milk, topped with a scoop of mango and ube ice cream on a bed of crushed ice.

Super Supreme Halo-Halo    14.99

All the works plus more of a Special Halo-Halo in a bigger cup; You have to try this :)

Turon de Banana   8.99/4pcs

One of our dessest bestsellers; Thinly sliced sweet banana with jack fruit and caramel rolled in a thin layer of pastry wrap and pan fried until golden brown and crispy


Turon ala Mode (w/ ice cream )   9.99

Sliced Turon de Banana topped with mango ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup


Ice cream scoop   3.99/scoop

 A choice of mango or ube ice cream. Ask your server for other ice cream options available for the day.

Mais con Hielo   8.99

Crushed ice, layered with sweet corn kernels, sweetened milk, topped with mango ice cream

Sylvannas with ice cream   9.99

Creamy frozen cookie with ice cream

Birthday Bash Bomb Surprise    29.99 

A surprise dessert concoction featuring a blend of unique flavors and textures. What's inside? It's a secret until you take the first bite! Indulge in our ever-changing selection of sweet surprises curated just for you. Each dessert is crafted with passion and creativity to make your celebration extra special.                            

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