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Sandwhiches  & Snack Bites


Roasted Pork Bun with Fries   9.99


Roasted Pork and Egg Sandwich with fries   8.99

Egg and Cheese Sandwich with fries    5.99

Cheeseburger with Fries   9.99


Lechon Sisig Fries    9.99

Fries topped with minced roasted pork in special sauce; our rockin' version of the famous "poutine"; top fave.

Turon de Banana   6.99/4pcs

(one of our bestsellers; sweet deep-fried banana rolls; banana, jackfruit, caramel wrapped in large spring roll wrapper)


Fish and Chips  9.99


Ceasar Salad with BBQ Chicken   10.99


Steamed bun   3.00/pc

(“siopao” in chicken or pork)   

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