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We are a family-owned and operated restaurant and we take great pride in our work and fully stand by three things: quality, efficiency and consistency. Our mission is to make amazing home cooked, Filipino, comfort food available to everyone. Our vision is to bring the Filipino cuisine into the mainstream market........With multiple years experience in restaurant management, catering and special events handling......

Notes: - reason this company came to be

-  what motivates us and our team to come to work each day

-  its about fulfilling a dream and a passion,

- coming home when everyone was sound asleep and

waking up very early in the morning when the rest of the world is still sleeping........this is no joke but there's so much gratefulness in our hearts....coming home and waking up and living a life everyday where you get to live your dream and fulfill your passion

- A native of Cebu, Philippines, we grew up with great-tasting home cooked meals everyday.  Growing up in a place surrounded by amazing world-renowned beaches is a childhood worth living up again and again.

-  At an early, we helped the family in managing a small cottage-restaurant in Cebu, entrepreneurial sprit showed back then.  Remembered gazing into the clear blue waters while waiting for a customer to order....we miss our time lounging in the white sands of Cebu....the concept of this restaurant somehow shows that

-  Remembered one Christmas Eve, on our way home.....

-  We thank you for your support....we hope you will continue to support us

-  Your heartwarming comments is what keeps us going...if there's anything you want to bring to our attention, please let us know personally and we will look into it and help make things right.


Authentic Cebu Lechon

-Origin of Cebu Lechon

-  Coming from Cebu, we are paying homage to the one and only

-  right side, nice pic of Lechon (whole)

-  below, pic of lechon belly

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