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Tender rings of fresh squid, lightly coated in a seasoned batter, and fried to a golden perfection. Served with sweet chili sauce for dipping and a wedge of lemon for a burst of citrus flavor.


Chicken Caesar Salad

Crisp romaine lettuce leaves generously coated in creamy Caesar dressing with fresh diced tomatoes, cucumber, mango bits, topped with tender barbecue chicken, and a dusting of Parmesan cheese.


Roasted Pork Ceviche / Kilawin Na Lechon

Succulent pieces of lechon meticulously marinated in a flavourful mixture of vinegar, calamansi, onions, and spices, creating a symphony of tastes that will transport you to the tropical islands. Garnished with fresh herbs and served with diced green mangoes and lemon wedge, this dish offers a delightful balance of textures and a burst of vibrant Filipino flavors.


Steamed Bun/"Siopao"

Choose between two exquisite fillings, succulent chicken or savory pork, each enveloped in a pillowy-soft bun.


Pork Spring Rolls (8 pcs)

Each hand-rolled spring roll is generously filled with a savory mixture of ground pork, fresh vegetables, and aromatic seasonings. Delicately fried to a golden perfection, they arrive at your table as bite-sized treasures, accompanied by a tangy and irresistible sweet chili dipping sauce.


Vegetable Spring Rolls

A medley of fresh, crisp vegetables wrapped in delicate rice paper. and lightly fried to a perfect golden hue. Served with our special homemade vinegar-minced garlic sauce, these spring rolls are a perfect balance of health and indulgence, inviting you to savor the beauty of simplicity.


Lechon Sisig Fries

You'll find a delicious twist on the classic poutine with Lechon Sisig Fries, a dish that combines the best of both culinary worlds. Consider this. Lechon Sisig is a very crispy and delicious fried potato, a Filipino dish made with sweet roasted pork. Lechon Sisig is seasoned and cooked to perfection, a combination of textures and spices. Unlike traditional poutine, Lechon Sisig fries are topped with onions, ginger, herbs and special sauce for a delicious taste.


Chicken Wings

These mouthwatering wings are the epitome of indulgence, coated in a secret blend of seasonings and spices, offering a perfect combination of tender, succulent meat and a delectably crispy exterior.


Salted Egg Salad

A medley of fresh cucumbers and green mangoes, punctuated by slices of salted eggs, diced tomatoes, and slivers of red onions, creating a vibrant and satisfying visual experience. Lightly dressed with a house-made vinaigrette that strikes the perfect balance between tangy and savory.


Caesar Salad

Crisp, fresh romaine lettuce leaves carefully tossed in creamy Caesar dressing, creating a luscious and velvety coating that clings to each leaf. Generously sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, the salad is then garnished with freshly diced tomatoes, cucumber and mango bits for a satisfying twist.


Green Mango Salad

A refreshing salad features that green mangoes, crisp cucumbers, fresh diced tomatoes, and fiery red chilies on top. The ensemble is beautifully dressed with a zing of lemon and the distinctive richness of shrimp paste. The shrimp paste, a traditional Filipino condiment, adds a savory depth to the salad that's both robust and intriguing.


Pork BBQ Skewers (Per Piece)

Tender cuts of premium pork, marinated in a secret blend of spices, and then skewered to perfection. Each skewer is expertly grilled and glazed with our house-made barbecue sauce, resulting in a juicy and charred exterior that encapsulates the smoky, savory essence of barbecue. Served with a side of our house-made sauce, this can be enjoyed as an appetizer or a satisfying accompaniment to your meal.


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